Drug Status Key

  • Non-Specialist Drugs
  • Specialist recommendation (or initiation where noted)
  • Specialist Initiation WITH Shared Care Guidelines
  • Specialist ONLY Drugs
  • Mixed Status - See individual drug entries for more details


  • First Line
  • Second Line
  • Third Line
  • No Preference

About The Formulary

The Sussex Partner formulary has been developed as a tool to promote safe, high quality, and cost-effective prescribing for patients residing in Sussex, in accordance with local and national guidance. 

The formulary is used to support the managed introduction, utilisation, or withdrawal of prescribed treatments in Sussex. It applies to all prescribers across the local health economy (primary and secondary care) and aims to cover most of the prescribing in Sussex, whilst recognising that there will be instances where prescribing outside the formulary may be both necessary and appropriate.

The Sussex Partner Formulary is overseen by the Sussex Health and Care Partnership Area Prescribing Committee (SHCP APC), and is developed and maintained with the collaboration of the following organisations:


For public and patients

This formulary has been written for clinicians and healthcare professionals to enable them to prescribe medicines for their patients safely and cost effectively. If you have any questions about the medicines you have been prescribed, please talk to your GP or pharmacist in the first instance. 

Please note some links to sites requiring a NHS network connection will not be accessible to the public.