Drug Status Key

  • Non-Specialist Drugs
  • Specialist recommendation (or initiation where noted)
  • Specialist Initiation WITH Shared Care Guidelines
  • Specialist ONLY Drugs
  • Mixed Status - See individual drug entries for more details


  • First Line
  • Second Line
  • Third Line
  • No Preference

Welcome to The Sussex Partner Formulary

The Sussex Partner formulary has been developed as a tool to promote safe, high quality, and cost-effective prescribing for patients residing in Sussex, in accordance with local and national guidance. 

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For public and patients

This formulary has been written for clinicians and healthcare professionals to enable them to prescribe medicines for their patients safely and cost effectively. If you have any questions about the medicines you have been prescribed, please talk to your GP or pharmacist in the first instance. 

Please note some links to sites requiring a NHS network connection will not be accessible to the public.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How has the Sussex Partner Formulary been developed?

The NHS Sussex Medicines Optimisation team reviewed the 4 historic formularies in operation across Sussex to align each drug according to a set of principles agreed at the Sussex Health and Care Partnership Area Prescribing Committee (SHCP APC). This included nearly 6000 drug lines and the SHCP APC had final sign off for the new formulary.

How do I find links to Shared Care Guidance, NICE guidance or MHRA alerts?

Click on the coloured icons next to the drug entry

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Why has a drug changed colour status on the new formulary?

In most cases, the dominant colour status across the 4 formularies has been taken forward into the new Sussex Partner Formulary. Where there was an equal split, the status which increased access to the drug was adopted. i.e., 2 PURPLE, 2 GREEN = GREEN

What if a drug that was GREEN (non-specialist initiated) is now a different colour (i.e., PURPLE -specialist initiated)?

There is no expectation that patients already prescribed a now specialist-initiated drug to be referred to a specialist / switched to an alternative non-specialist-initiated drug.

Why are there still some disparities and drugs that are not aligned?

While we have done our best to align as much as possible, some disparities remain. This could be due to different prescribing arrangements being in place within local areas and services. The SHCP APC are committed to addressing these disparities over the coming months and work will be undertaken to clinically review each chapter with full stakeholder engagement.